Eric #58 Midlife

Droopy; "Eric! What rubbish have you ordered now?"
Eric:"Woooooo! My new tablet is here at last!"
Droopy: "Are you crazy? You already have a tablet that works perfectly! Why pay lots of money for something you don't even need?"
Eric: "Ok so I'm having a midlife crisis! Some guys go out and snort coke from a stripper's tits, f#ck younger women and buy a Harley Davidson. Not me! No you know what I do? I buy a Windows tablet! A f#cking Windows tablet! Not even a trendy Mac or I-devivce! A Windows tablet! That's my sad, pathetic midlife crisis!

But it's got a new pen that has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. 1024 LEVELS FOR F#CK SAKE! How f#cking cool is that?"
Eric:" God I'm so f#cking tragic! What a sad, lonely melt down! Why was I even born?"

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