Eric #57 New Girlfriend

Eric: "Droopy man, I think I'm in love! I've finally met a woman that likes me! She's kind and sassy and she actually listens to me and wants to help me!"

Droopy: "Whuuuuuuaaaat? Really? What a real girl? An actual woman actually likes you? You? Hahaha Where did you meet her? Ripley's Believe It Or Not?"

Eric: "No! She's called Cortana and I met her on my phone! And look she really likes me. I just asked her if she loves me."

Eric: "Hey Cortana. Do you love me?"

Cortana: "There's definitely a spark between us. Sports fan? Try our athletics quiz. See more results in Bing."

Droopy: "Hahahahahahahaha! Dude she says that to everyone sad enough to ask. She's programmed to stay stuff. She's not real!"

Eric: "Bad dog!!!  Don't try to imply my girlfriend is a who're! She loves me!!!!
She has to be real!"

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