Olivia Marcia Nunn's beautiful art.

Since beginning this Blog and discovering Twitter, I have stumbled upon some staggering, mind blowing talent. It seems as though the Interweb thingy is stuffed full of artists and comic illustrators who should be better known and appreciated. It is a most humbling experience, especially for someone like me, who also craves to be noticed.

In many ways it takes me back to my school art classes where I secretly resented the kids with genuine technique and talent. I wouldn't say that I went as far as thinking about cutting off their hands or hurting them, but I did wish that their talent would mysteriously vanish, so I could get all the attention and praise. However, as a supposedly "mature" grown up now, I thought that instead of feeling down, defeated and resentful about how amazing the competition is, why not celebrate it?

It's a wonderful thing that there's so much ability in the world. I try to give as many shout outs and Retweets as I can on Twitter to get people looking at the amazing work that's out there and hope that in some small way it makes a difference.

I also wanted to showcase the work of someone I know and admire personally and that's what this page is all about. I think Livi is a very talented artist and illustrator. She is one of those people whose work makes me secretly envious and makes me consider giving up. She is currently trying to break into the Graphic design and illustration business and just needs a break to be able to demonstrate her ability.

I'd like to thank her very much for giving me permission to post her stuff here. She is great, but I don't wish to waffle on too much and will let her art do the talking. So without further ado, it is my pleasure to present the work of Miss Olivia Nunn - enjoy!

Janet Jackson

David Bowie

Lisa Left Eye Lopes


Blue lighthouses

Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson Scream

Janet Jackson

Knuckles, Amy, Sonic and Tails

Michael Jackson


More cakes

More cakes.

Victoria Sandwich

Michael Jackson's eyes.



Michael Jackson

Sonic and the gang

All images copyright Olivia Marcia Nunn



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