Alien Alan old stuff.

This is the moment of conception.

This is me in the womb.

And this is my Mum giving birth.

My first job.

When I learned what life is all about.

Me commuting. Smelly armpits yuck!

Commuting brings out the worst in me.

There's always someone looking over your shoulder.

I learned to chill.

And to boogie.

I tried some sport.

And some boring stuff.

I wanted to go to the Olympics but the commercialism put me off.

Went on holiday.

Got chatted up by a dolphin.

So decided to sell out to the man.

And do lame parodies like this:



And this pre Micheal Bay explosions:

I did one more because Fozzie loves Shirley.

Then I got a new boss.

And left him a Yuletide log.

Then I started to get Angry with the world again, especially the way that things revolve around money.

I was up against Satan.

Why doesn't the Government throw food to the Third World instead of shooting them?

If only Peace were as profitable as war.

Maybe my Alien friends could save us.

Oh the Sloth won't be able to. He can't even get his tent up.

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