Mr Bogeypicker man

This is me.

And these are my friends Baz, Robbie and Sophie.

We're on the bus.

Being naughty.

A boring old man got on the bus.

And scratched his nose.

I thought it was funny and called him "Mr Bogeypicker man."

We started singing "Mr Bogeypicker man, Mr Bogeypicker man - He's green!"

Mr Bogeypicker man looked sad but we couldn't stop. It was so funny.

Mum shouted "What's going on up there?"

"Nothing Mum," I replied.

"Ok," she said and carried on gossiping with her friend.

We sat quietly for a little while, but Sophie said
"Look, he's picked a monster booger! It's green!" and we all started laughing again.

Mr Bogeypicker man got off the bus looking sad.

Now I'm much older myself, I feel bad about that day.

Because I'm sitting on a train and some kids are singing the Bogeypicker man song at me.

So now I'm teaching my Grandson to be nice to other people, because  you should always treat others how you'd like to be treated yourself.


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