Eric #34 Tinder is the night

Eric: "I'm fed up of being alone and waiting for Erica. I'm going to find someone new. I don't actually want to go out so.... Ta'Da... TINDER!"

Tinder: "It's a match! You and Spamantha have matched."

Eric: "Woooo Whoooo! Spamantha likes me!!!"

Eric: "She must be genuine with a name like that!"

Spamantha: "Hi. Chat to me at www.sadloser.com. I'm real. I really, really am. Honest!"

Eric: "Awww, she seems nice... Hang on! What if she's a bunny boiler? Or a transsexual? This is getting heavy! God! Talk about smothering me!"

Seconds later... Candy Crap.

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