Eric #48 Sex Sells

Droopy: "How's the webcomic going Dude? Are you rich and famous yet?"
Eric: "Rubbish. I haven't earned a Jelly Bean. I think I need to raise my profile on social media. You know, to get the clicks coming in. Any ideas or suggestions?"
Droopy: " Hmmm well there might be something we could try."
Droopy "Pssst Pssst Pssst."
Droopy: "Hey Erica! Would you like a nice, fresh banana?"
Eric: "If you want a successful Twitter or Instagram account you need some sexy pictures. So to see more of Erica follow us @eric310776. On Facebook search for Unofficial Eric. Also go to www.cupalongstoryshort.blogspot.co.uk You can donate money too which always helps."

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