Eric #45 Black Friday

Eric: "Wooo! My stuff's come! I'm so happy! Hooray!"
Droopy: "Dude! What the hell is all this crap? Why'd you buy all this junk you don't need?
Electronic magic beans! A Stephen Hawkins Speak and Spell! You've even got a Deluxe porridge maker! YOU HATE PORRIDGE!"
Eric: "It's because it's Black Friday and everything's reduced. Some of it was 20% off! Just think of all the money I've saved off the list prices!
Besides, I'm sad and lonely and shopping makes me happy!"
Letter from the bank: " Dear Mr Eric, As a loyal and valued customer of Screw You Bank - the bank that likes to say "Screw You!" I am writing to inform you that you're now overdrawn and that your ass belongs to us bitch! You're officially fucked and I expect you to squeal like a little piggy. Love, Mr Bastard the Bank Manager."

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