Eric #55 Resignation

Eric: "As you may have noticed, there's a hot, new trend sweeping the UK at the moment. (And I'm not talking about celebrity deaths.) I'm desperately needy and will jumps on ANY bandwagon for the slightest bit of attention."

"Therefore, I am resigning with immediate effect from the "absolutely not popular" (with worse ratings than even the new Top Gear) web comic "Eric." I haven't tried at all, but even if I did it still wouldn't be good enough."

"I want my life back and more importantly, I want to be part of the Mass Resignation Gang like all the important people. It is true that I left a MASSIVE dump for everyone else at the comic to clear up but oh well, that's life."

"I absolutely will not be convinced to change my mind by the inevitable mass outpouring of love and affection that will follow this announcement. However, donations to my PayPal account should do the trick."

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